Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Volume Waning

Today's trade looked impressive and while we closed on the highs of the day, the volume keeps me from getting very excited. I must admit that sentiment seems to be shifting faster than I had expected. We are hearing more buy and hold comments such as "things are unsure in the short term, but in 3-5 years we will be higher". I don't know that I buy that at this point.

I really like USO at this point. Now those of you that have followed me for some time can criticize me as UNG was one of my worst picks of the year. I just think that crude has the potential for huge upside from here---but I will not get married to it if it moves against me.

I made a nice short on EMS a couple of weeks ago and think it is a good point to short it again. I will run a tight stop with this one, but I look for it to break $30 again.

If you like boring, T is a good buy here. Nice dividend and the chart looks good to me.

Finally, I really like CMP. I think this one could grab 15% in a hurry. I think we are going to see money flow back into the agricultural sector.

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