Monday, March 30, 2009


I had thought that we would see the last two days of the month be positive as it is the end of the quarter and most of the mutual funds would have liked to see higher prices to help their results look better. The futures are literally getting hammered at this point. We have had what now amounts to nothing more than a very nice bear market rally.

So how do we play this market. I have a list of things that I would like to purchase as we pullback. Oil and oil service plays are certainly on that list. You will see oil and natural gas pull back and create some awesome values in companies such as MMR and XTO. Everyone knew the financial sector was overbought and as it pulls back, it should make top notch companies such as NTRS much cheaper.

We will hear the deflation camp come roaring back over the next week. We will hear all of the same erroneous arguments and gold will be a great buy. I couldn't make a post without mentioning that GM's Rick Waggoner is set to step down at the request of the government.

Our interview with Jerry Bowyer has been rescheduled due to illness in his family.
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