Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26, 2009

Over the past few months, anytime that I argued inflation--I got emails telling me everything from I was misguided to downright stupid. My last few inflation posts have drawn very few emails, none of which were negative. So is that the Stock Shotz indicator that inflation is near or here? I argue that it is. We are seeing dollar weakness and commodities strength. Many of you have argued that it was those awful speculators that drove oil up over $140 last year. Do you really believe that all speculators were crushed on the down move---never to play the markets again? I certainly do not. The speculators will move right back in if oil demand picks up and especially if the dollar weakens further. Get ready for the next commodities boom. I will have my interview with Kevin Kerr posted tonight. He is bullish on agriculture and offers a great insight.

We also have an interview with Gary B "The Chartman" Smith this afternoon. Gary is an awesome technician and will share what he sees in this market. The futures are getting stronger as we speak and many that are on the sidelines are going to be itching to rush back into these markets. Will they fall into a bear trap? We will ask the CHARTMAN tonight. There is still time to submit your questions for Gary. Email your questions to
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