Thursday, October 9, 2008

Credit Market Improvement??

Everyone on television is talking about seeing minor improvements in the credit situation yesterday. For example, the rates on t-bills increased a little indicating that there was less demand or flight to quality. This crisis is far from over from an economic standpoint, but I hope the markets start to turn up before we see economy fully fixed.

I am by no stretch calling a bottom here, but I think once we see LIBOR begin to decrease, we will see some improvement. Do we set a bottom this month? Let us know what you think.

Futures are positive right now, but we know how quickly thinks can change in this environment.


Dollar.Discipline said...

We will hit the panic bottom this month. Investors now must rethink their strategies.

I don't see a quick turnaround. I think it's a buy and hold and dollar cost average style that wins over the LONG term.

Let's face it, a significant portion of this market has been a lie as to profitability of companies. Most were cash flowing but few were equity building.

At some point value must be added or you have to eat the loss. Here we are!