Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday August 13, 2008

For those that sent me emails knocking my energy and gold plays, I will wait a day or so before I say "I told you so". I want to see a follow through on my plays tomorrow, but I feel like we are going to get it. Volatility will most certainly continue, but I think we trend higher.

I have owned Applied Materials (AMAT) for a long time---too long, but now it looks like this one may finally make me some money. I like the stock right here. The "talking heads" are really touting AMAT's exposure to the solar industry. Some say that by 2010, solar will account for 25% of their sales. Many of the highest flyers in the solar space right now are not even profitable. AMAT already has a solid business that looks like it is turning around, so if you throw in prospects for stellar growth from solar, I think you could see this one double in a couple of years. This stock was once a high flier and could be again if this recent attention continues.

As promised, I am posting the interview with Trader/Coach Denise Shull of I apologize for the quality of this recording. This is not the typical quality audio that we produce. This was recorded about 60 days ago and we have since upgraded both our recording setup and our software. At any rate, I felt that it was appropriate to post this interview during this time of VOLATILITY. If you like our site--visit our sponsors. If you don't send us an email and tell us what improvements you would like to see us make.


Dollar.Discipline said...

Solar energy will ABSOLUTELY be in play for the next few years! Keep it coming. Great info.