Monday, August 18, 2008


I am issuing a challenge to Tech Ticker and Henry Blodgett. See their video below and how their guest not only tried to call the bottom of tech---HE CLAIMS THAT HE KNOWS THE EXACT MINUTE. Why do they show that utter crap on yahoo. My challenge is that over the next 30 days if the price of oil goes up on a percentage basis higher than his financials---specifically the XLF, then he has to PUT STOCK SHOTZ VIDEOS ON TECH TICKER FOR ONE MONTH. If he wins, I will appear on Tech Ticker and APOLOGIZE!!!!!! See our interview with Jim Rogers from May. Cut and Paste this link and watch the ridiculous interview from Tech Ticker,bac,jpm,gs,wb,c,leh

Here is our interview with MR JIM ROGERS From May. You will hear as Mr. Rogers talks about the dire straits of our economy.

Let me tell you why I am really concerned. Lets think about what is happening in the retail sector. If you heard our interview with Hitha Prabhakar, you know that she was very unimpressed by the last retail numbers as she did not think they had been adjusted for inflation. I concur with her analysis. Further, we see that Wal Mart and McDonalds have seen sales growth. Now before you think I am totally crazy, follow this mindset. Wal Mart and McDonalds stand to do well as the economy declines. Where some were buying their Starbucks coffee for $4 a cup---they are now getting coffee at McDonalds for half of that because they have less money in the budget. The same goes for Wal Mart. Instead of going to the higher end retailers---people are shopping at Wal Mart to stretch their dollars. This is a strong sign to me that the AMERICAN CONSUMER IS REALLY FEELING THE PINCH. As I said in an earlier post, the last numbers were not real as we were seeing the stimulus checks being spent.

I read an article tonight that was talking about how banks are having to pay higher interest to sell their notes. What does this mean? They are going to reign in some of these loose credit card limits---thus contracting credit. The Fed Funds rate may be low, but if banks can't find cheap ways to sell their paper----CREDIT WILL TIGHTEN. Yes, I am saying that regardless of what Ben Bernanke has done with the lowering of rates, the free markets are CAUSING CREDITS TO CONTRACT. So now we are faced with a real problem. The consumer is not making seeing his paycheck keep pace with inflation, and the bank is tightening his credit limits. The consumer accounts for 70% of our economy. I think that we could see some really unusual trading over the next couple of weeks. BE CAREFUL AND STAY TUNED



Dollar.Discipline said...

You can't know the exact minute. I don't care who you are or who you know or what you think you know. If you knew the excat minute ONE TIME, you'd be an instant retiree because you'd mortgage your house, max out your credit, borrow from relatives, etc. and hit the jackpot. I'd like to see this challenge take place.