Saturday, August 23, 2008


Was Russia's so called pullout of Georgia on a headfake? See this article and make up your own mind (well this blogger will not allow me to insert the link but go to yahoo news and search Russia Georgia Port City) and you will see the article.

They are not done in Georgia and it will absolutely impact oil prices. I will have much more later. We are working to produce a show this weekend.

If anyone believed what Bernanke had to say yesterday then they are totally asleep at the wheel. Why would you think that Bernanke would say anything other than inflation is moderating? If he stoked those fears he would be in a much more difficult situation than he already is. Inflation is real and everyone knows that once it is ignited it is very, very difficult to extinguish.

More later!!!


Dollar.Discipline said...

Russia is back to their old tricks again. Watch them carefully. What effect will it have on oil prices? You do the math.