Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hurry Up Labor Day

I will be so glad to get to Labor Day and get some volume back in these markets. I think that we can see that Europe is in trouble and the Euro is headed downward. The only downside to shorting the FXE is that you have to pay about 4% yield to the owner of the security. The Euro Zone is in more trouble than we are and their currency is headed for trouble. I believe that owning the companies that do well abroad is going to be much less beneficial in for the next few months. I think you are going to see money rolling out of those trades based on the strengthening dollar.

I am basically just sitting still and trying to make quick trades when they become available. I would hope that we might see some bullishness after labor day, but we have a lot of data to digest. I still think the oil trade a fundamentally bullish story---as evidenced by the fact that oil held its own today in the face of the stronger dollar. Natural gas got a much anticipated snap back---I'll be interested to see if it can follow through tomorrow.

I don't think you are going to see the Democrats get a big bump in the polls out of their convention. Hillary Clinton certainly did not give a very convincing endorsement of Barack Obama tonight and I stand by my assessment that the markets will react positively it McCain pulls ahead in the polls.

For those of you that read my analysis of AOC a couple of nights ago, Moods reaffirmed their ratings today, and I think this one will be a winner. We are working on the analysis of several stocks and will have opinions shortly. Thanks for visiting our site!!!!!

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