Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Three Day Weekend---With A Hurricane??

I was glad to see the market rally today, but I must admit that I was a little surprised with Hurricane Gustave threatening to hit the Gulf hard. We get GDP and initial jobless claim numbers tomorrow morning. I will see how the market reacts to the numbers, but my underlying theme for the next couple of days will be to watch oil and natural gas prices. I don't see many traders wanting to go into a long weekend short oil and nat gas, especially with the potential hurricane.

Every night I make a list of stocks that I like as longs and those that I like as shorts. I have been watching Buffalo Wild Wings and think given where the economy currently stands, this one might be a good short-term short. I agree that this might be the best quarter of the year for the company with football season just around the corner, but I think as the economy slows we will see pain in the restaurant area. We saw Sanderson Farms and others post losses due to higher costs. They ultimately must pass cost increases on to their customers and the rising costs will ultimately land on the bottom line of companies like BWLD.

I would put Chipolte Mexican Grill CMG in the same category. I think these companies are going to get pressure from both the revenue and expense areas for the rest of this year. I will have a longer post later. Wednesday is my travel day, so I usually have shorter posts on Wednesdays. Please make comments---Lets have some healthly debate that makes us all better traders!!!!