Sunday, May 24, 2009

Asian Markets Head Higher---Commodities Drive

Check out this Article from Bloomberg as Asian Markets head higher tonight driven by oil and gold stocks. Click here to read the Article

Here what legendary investor Jim Rogers said on 5/17/2009 Part One of The Interview
Jim talks about how we must start living within our means and our current policy of spending to counter defecits is INSANITY. Jim says politicans are doing what they have to do to get re-elected and it is wrong for them to ignore the needs of 300 million Americans. WE ARE DESTROYING THE VALUE OF THE DOLLAR AND ARE THE LARGEST DEBTOR NATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!! He says the Bureau of Labor Statistics has been lying to us for years about inflation. Hear him talk about the ANTI-CAPITALIST ATTITUDE. IS THE GOVERNMENT TRYING TO CONTROL THE BOND MARKET? If you are looking for a low APR credit card--check out low rate credit cards

And Part 2 of The Interview
Hear Jim talk about why he is not selling his gold and wheter or nor he is buying more.
The IMF is working to get permission to sell some of their gold and if they do, it may be a good buying opportunity. Is Farming going to be the occupation of the future?

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We are going to do a show soon on CAPITALISM VS. SOCIALISM.
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