Thursday, April 23, 2009

Surprising Strength

These markets are showing surprising strength. I watched as some of the overseas banks gave a ray of hope last night---and saw it give a boost to domestic futures. This crisis is not over---but confidence is improving. So often we see the markets overshoot and this one could have overdone it to the downside.

I hate to be boring, but in this environment I like FCX. If in fact the banks are in better shape than many thought, does that mean that inflation is near? I believe that it does. I have been wrong with my initial timing on inflation, but believe that if the banks recover faster---inflation will have to be dealt with.

Do you have a trading plan? I use to think that I didn't need one--was I ever wrong. We are going to write our plan online and continually revise it. You can watch as we see where we were wrong. The thing that I like most about this business is most traders are willing to help other traders---this is a great business.

We are spending alot of our time working on our new website and will be producing much more content as soon as it is ready.

We have some great interviews coming up---most notably we will be talking to legendary investor Jim Rogers live from Mobile, Alabama with Mr. Tom Busby on Fed announcement day next week.

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