Thursday, April 30, 2009

Early Strength

We are seeing strength across the globe right now and bulls seem firmly in control. It doesn't matter whether you think we overshot to the downside or think we are currently overshooting the upside---we seem destined to touch 900 on the S&P. You can't fight the market and this market has the strength--especially if you see how we reacted after the bad news yesterday.

It seemed that the Federal Reserve was talking to the ECB yesterday in their statement. The Fed is looking for help in their battle with the current downcycle. They are out of room to move rates and it would help their position if our friends across the pond would participate---notice that I didn't say it was the right thing to do--just that it would help the Feds position. Most agree that we are trading inflation---possibly hyperinflation for short term stability. We will have guests on our show to further discuss whether it is a good strategy.

We sent the email summary of the Jim Rogers interview to all and apologize for the technical difficulties. We will continue to post great interviews so stay tuned.

Thanks for your participation.
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