Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jim Rogers Interview on Stock Shotz January 15,2009

I am so pleased to have legendary investor Mr. Jim Rogers back on our show. Jim talks about anamolies in the markets today and the long term outlook for inflation. I asked him about future growth in China and whether or not the Chinese will continue to finance our debt. He argues that we are still seeing deleveraging and does not term the current situation as DEFLATION.


Optionstrader said...

Hello, Great interview there with Mr. Rogers. I watch his interviews on CNBC nd bloomberg but I have to say this, you asked him questions which were way better than what those guys ask.

Only 1 thing, when he says the current environment enhances the fundamentals of commodities example the supply in AG is going down and hence the commodity space will go up , well the demand is also being destroyed.
Maybe commodities do not crash like other sectors but I really am skeptical of another commodity bull market.
But thats just me , I respect Mr. Rogers views and will keep his views in my mind always.

But great blog , I will be linking to this from my blog .
Again congrats on asking him great questions keep it up, he said at the end "lets do this again" well please do it every quarter or 6 months if you can.

I will check out all your interviews.