Monday, January 12, 2009

EARNINGS (If there are any) SEASON

We have been talking to guests with very diverse opinions as to where we are headed in 2009. Right now I think we are going to see dismal earnings and given the fact that oil is getting hammered again this morning--the averages are headed down. This quarter may well create a great buying opportunity for gold. Gold is pulling back this morning and it could fall as we hear what could well prove to be the worst earnings season of my lifetime.

While oil and metals are poised to decline heavily this morning---corn, wheat and soybeans look like they will jump. I think the decline in agricultural commodities is very close to the bottom.

Some of the classic "safety" stocks such as consumer staples will be setting up for good short plays in my opinion. I will be doing research and will provide the names that I like as shorts in the near future. Today it looks like those in the deflation camp will enjoy the day. Can the strong dollar last? We will be exploring this issue in detail later today.