Sunday, November 23, 2008


Normally I would not put a lot of emphasis on this holiday week, but these are not normal times. I think the first couple of days are of utmost importance. Volatility is guaranteed and it would be nice to see a follow through on Friday's rally.

If you listen to the mainstream media you will hear thoughts ranging from this is the beginning of a time much worse than the GREAT DEPRESSION to This is the greatest buying opportunity in the history of the markets. We are going to bring you the interviews in the near future and try to learn from each and every one of our guests. On Friday, we will interview Mr. Kevin Kerr of Kerr Trading International. Kevin has been on the show before and has a great handle on the commodities markets. We are looking forward to getting his perspectives on the D-word Deflation. If you have a question for Kevin, email us at and we will consider your questions as a part of the show. Our goal is to become better traders by listening to each other so send us your questions.

I just read an article where Russia plans to build a nuclear reactor for Venezuela. If we weren't in this "grace period" awaiting the Obama administration this would have been huge news that would have most certainly impacted oil prices to the upside. Just another reason that I can't lose my bias that oil and natural gas will be good long term investments.

We are seeing headlines now that the government is working to inject capital into troubled Citigroup (C). The news doesn't seem to be spooking the futures very much. Tomorrow afternoon we will get President-Elect Obama's announcement of his economic team. It will be interesting to see how the markets respond to that announcement.

I am seeing so many questions from people out there that are trying to pick the stock that will benefit from the new Presidential administration. Many are asking about the solar sector. I think the economy and jobs creation will take precedent over subsidies to the solar sector. My favorite stock for the year is Fluor (FLR) Yes I know that I have been talking about this one for quite some time. I believe that these guys are going to benefit from the need to invest in infrastructure. They have been down lately on the back of the negative news in the oil and gas industry. Infrastructure investment could well become a priority of many nations. We have already seen China's commitment (which they are already talking about increasing), and I would not be surprised to see many more nations follow suit. FLR is poised to benefit from this activity and are trading at what I consider to be very cheap valuations. I believe that this stock could trade $100 in 2009. Read my disclaimer and do your own research.

If you have someone you would like to hear us interview---send us an email at We are ready to resume our regular interview schedule.