Friday, June 12, 2009

Consumer Confidence===I have no confidence in IT.

I have no confidence in the consumer confidence number. The market may move when it is reported but we have seen it improving lately and I truly think that the number is impacted by what the Mainstream Media is saying. The gauge that I use for consumer confidence is the Money Multiplier and it is at historic lows. Confidence is worth nothing unless consumers are putting their money where their confidence is---and the money multiplier tells us that they are SAVING NOT SPENDING. We need to see the savings rate increase and saving is a good thing--but the MM is telling everyone how important the Consumer Confidence number is and it is simply not important in my book.

I think natural gas is very close to the bottom. It is down in premarket trade, but I will be looking at it today. I will do my analysis this weekend and have it posted here. The market tried to break above 950 on the S&P yesterday, but could not close above that level. I would expect a down day today to test 930-925, but the futures are hovering around the key 939 pivot at the time of this writing. If we get a down day I might be looking to add to my key "inflation" plays such as FCX,X, and oil and nat gas drillers/producers/servicers.

I will wait for more clarity and would like to see us test 925 today. Be careful until we get clear direction from here.
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