Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Have you ever seen a more PERFECT TIME to invest? Isn't Goldilocks beautiful? Is now the time to borrow a pile of money and invest in the stock market? Can you just throw a dart at a chart and buy the stock that it hits? This is pure insanity in the Mainstream Media. They would have you believe that everything is OK--or better than OK.

Did anyone notice that the price of copper is headed up at a rapid pace while the Bank of Japan is arranging for more short term financing, while the Dubai credit woes are fresh off the press? Does that bother anyone on the street other than me? My portfolio is telling me that I am the lone dumbass on the street.

I ask you the following:

1) If this is a great time to invest in US equities, why didn't we crank up the printing presses YEARS AGO? LOOK AT HOW PROSPEROUS WE COULD HAVE BEEN IF WE HAD BEEN PRINTING LONGER.

2) If the correlation between the fall of the dollar and the rise of the domestic equity markets can continue forever, how do I go about getting adopted by someone from Zimbabwe? There must be some rich jokers there.

3) If the smart money is "all in" equities, why is gold soaring and the bond market not getting smacked?

4) Did the banks really need all of the TARP money if they are repaying it so quickly? If they didn't really need it OR if things are so great and their balance sheets are totally repaired WHY ISN'T INFLATION NOT AN IMMEDIATE CONCERN?

5) If all of this liquidity is really so great over the long haul, wouldn't SOCIALISM BE MORE PROSPEROUS THAN CAPITALISM.

I argue that the phenomenons that we are seeing in the markets are PURELY SHORT TERM AND THE MEDICINE WE HAVE TO TAKE WHEN THEY CORRECT IS GOING TO BE BITTER.
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